25th Hour

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Sludge Hammers

25th Hour Fitness

Mud Blast: Sacramento River was a huge success. I am so proud of my clients who successfully attacked and completed the Mud Blast.  We are going to continue to train.  

For more information on other training programs, email Sara or call (530) 591-4161.

Sara is now a personal trainer with FitOrbit.  You can have your very own personal trainer wherever you are.  Click here to visit Sara's trainer profile: www.FitOrbit.com/trainers/SaraBeacham

Fitness Tip of the Day:

Is it worth the risk of injury?  

There are many debates on the CrossFit workouts of the day and their safety.  Here's an interesting article by Jim Gerard addressing many of the issues raised by CrossFit workouts and the infamous rhabdomyolsis.  

Read more on the ACE Fit Facts page here.

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